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Hello! Are you struggling to find affordable high-speed Internet service? Frustrated with the limitations of expensive satellite connections? Do you want to watch an online video without having the silly thing stutter and stammer? Do you stop to do mental math every time you download a file to see if you're going to go over your bandwidth limit?


If you live in western Plymouth County, Iowa, you may be in luck!

CountrySide Wireless is a locally owned and operated company. We live out by Five Ridge Prairie on K-18. One day, fed up with the lack of Internet service in the area, we decided it was high time to take matters into our own hands, did a little research, and started CountrySide Wireless. At first we put up one tower, just enough to service our nearby family, but we quickly realized that there were others in the area that were in need of stable high-speed Internet as well. So we put up a few more towers and viola! Now we service a good portion of western Plymouth County!

Oh my gosh,

we can watch

MooTube now!

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (712) 577-4632! If you can see one of our towers, we can most likely get you hooked up!

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